Top 5 Best Places to Live and Work in India

5 Best Places

India has been on a growth trajectory for the past 10 years, with no sign of slowing down or stopping any time soon. This has made India one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. With infrastructural improvements, there has been a rise in opportunities, making it the premier place to be in the distant future.

In this article, we are going to discuss the top 5 cities to live and work in India. These are often ranked among the topmost developed cities in India, and with a good reason.


Mumbai is not only the capital city of Maharashtra but also the financial capital of India, this easily makes it one of the best cities to live and work in.

Job opportunities

It is also famous for India’s film industry (Bollywood), which has given it the name of the entertainment capital of India. There are a lot of job opportunities in various sectors availed to you by living in Mumbai. One of its most commonly used names in the City of Dreams.


The city is also known to offer great accommodation facilities in its residential areas and localities, these facilities are not cheap however as Mumbai is rather famous for its exorbitant cost of living.

As the economic hub of India, Mumbai offers basic amenities and facilities to its residents that are on par with the best in the country. If you are worried about infrastructure services such as clean water, transportation, healthcare facilities, shopping areas, etc., you can put these worries to rest as Mumbai offers all these amenities in spades.


Mumbai is counted among the safest cities in the country because of its active nightlife. Even while traveling at midnight, the roads will be jam-packed with traffic, with police officers patrolling around every corner of the city.


Delhi is the national capital of India and also one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. There are a total of 11 districts

Job opportunity

Delhi offers a plethora of job opportunities in almost every sector; you will also have access to nearby cities such as Noida, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, and Greater Noida which provide job opportunities of their own.


There are many good residential areas in Delhi for you to live in; there are also infrastructural amenities for you to take advantage of such as schools, colleges, parks, and shopping malls. The price of accommodation is on the more expensive end and people like to stay in the areas surrounding


Bangalore is the largest city in the Indian state of Karnataka; it has a population of around 8 million and a metropolitan population of around 11 million


Bangalore has a moderate climate due to its high elevation from the sea level; there are a few heatwaves but nothing truly noticeable, the coolest month of the year is January with an average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius while the hottest month of the year is April with an average temperature of 35 degree Celsius.

The wettest months of the year are September, October, and August (in that order) as Bangalore receives rainfall from both northeast and southwest monsoons.

Job opportunity

Bangalore is also known as the Silicon City of India. Bangalore has emerged as India’s IT hub as it provides job opportunities to lakhs of people in this sector every year. You have a lot of choices at your disposal to work for start-ups, MNCs, tech companies as well as big conglomerates as the openness of this cosmopolitan city has made it a favorite destination for companies to establish themselves.


Chandigarh is a city, district, and Union territory in India which serves as a joint capital of both Punjab and Haryana.


Chandigarh is one of the earliest and best-planned cities in India. The master plan of this city was laid out by Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier who transformed the early plans created by the Polish architect Maciej Nowicki and American planner Albert Mayer. Most of the housing buildings, as well as government buildings, were designed by the Chandigarh capital project team headed by Le Corbusier, Jane Drew, and Maxwell Fry.

The city has succeeded in terms of combining monumental architecture, cultural growth, and modernization making the city both beautiful and easy to live in.

Job Opportunity

There are a ton of job opportunities for a skilled and talented person to explore and enroll here. There are several IT and software development companies along with various other industries that offer a lot of diversity in the available jobs here.


As one of the best-planned cities in India, Chandigarh offers access to a ton of infrastructural facilities like gyms, restaurants, hospitals, hotels, parks, schools, colleges, etc.


Hyderabad is the capital city of the Indian state of Telangana and it occupies 250 square miles of the area on the Deccan Plateau with an average altitude of 1,778 ft above sea level. Hyderabad is the fourth most populated city in India with a population of 6.9 million people within the city limits and 9.7 million people in its metropolitan region.

Job opportunity

Hyderabad provides a lot of different job opportunities in various sectors which include pharmaceutical, electronics, biotechnology, software development, and IT companies. It is also known as the pharmaceutical capital of India. The city itself is a major biopharmaceutical hub that offers a lot of opportunities for work to the people who live within its limits.


Hyderabad is also called “The City of Nizams” and the place is full of Mughal architecture worth witnessing, the name itself means “lion city” as the word Hydar means lion and Abad means city.

The city was previously known as Baghnagar which translates to “city of gardens” so there is no shortage of sightseeing possibilities here.


The city has everything a person could require already within its limits as it is absolutely no slouch to providing access to state-of-the-art infrastructural services which can easily take care of all your city living needs.


These aforementioned are a few of India’s most advanced and beautiful cities that offer a ton of different job opportunities to those who look for them. These megacities offer you living standards that are second to none and access to infrastructure that will make every day of your life worth living to its fullest.




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